Pie Pinching Pooch

As you can iamgine we’ve been busy in the new home; that’s why there’s not been so many posts recently.

We’ve got a lot of jobs done; new fence at the back and gates at the side to keep Louis in, trees chopped down, alarm fitted etc etc.

Now that Louis is penned in we can get on with jobs and leave the back door open so he can roam about and keep an eye on the two of us. Today Sue was in the back garden and I was under the floor in the crawlspace ripping out old alarm cabling. I came up for air and went into the kitchen to find Louis with two paws on the worktop helping himself to an apple pie that Sue’s mum had lovingly baked for us. He’d demolished the pie lid and was working his way through the filling.

Here’s the evidence:-

Louis The Pie Pincher
Who ate all the pies?

You’ll see that Louis was demolishing the pie with surgical precision, layer by layer.

Louis looked suitably shamefaced about the theft for a couple of minutes and then spent the next ten minutes licking and smacking his lips with delight – after all Sue’s mum makes exceedingly good apple pie.

2 thoughts on “Pie Pinching Pooch”

  1. Stealth counter surfing… fantastic. One of my friends went to stir a pan of butter chicken she had cooking on the stove to find an empty pan sizzling away with the contents nowhere to be seen. She went storming off to look for her ridgeback and found him in a corner downstairs trying to lick butter chicken off his face. He had managed to creep up the wooden stairs, across the wooden floorboards, clean the pan out and creep back down again while she sat with her back to the stove about 5 feet away.


  2. Hi Heather – sounds like your friend has a Rinja variant of a Ridgeback; a Ninja cross. Louis has not counter surfed for quite a while; not since Louis the turkey thief).

    Normally one of us is close by him so I think he knows when he is “unsupervised” and then all bets are off.

    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning – I’ll set the pc up for Sue tonight so she can read it – she’ll enjoy your stories.

    Hope all is well in Darwin.



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