Settling In

Well, we’ve been in the new house a week now and it already feels like home. Sue and I have both been very busy although my jobs are much more important than Sue’s.

Louis has met and charmed all the neighbours with his good looks and endearing behaviour.

The first night we stayed here we slept on our inflatable camping mattress and used our sleeping bags. The next night we had got our mattress in and we slept on that in our sleeping bags. Both these nights Louis slept in our bedroom on an old, large cushion off our old sofa. By the Sunday we had our bed sorted plus some lovely leather sofas from Sue’s mum in place in the lounge. That night Louis didn’t make it to sleep in our room – here you can see why…..

Leather Sofa Louis
Leather Sofa Louis

Louis loves the new house but we think he loves his new sofa even more.

2 thoughts on “Settling In”

  1. Like your style Louis! I love the sofa too. My human bought me my own single sofa for my bed – a chaise longue actually!! I’m such a Princess! I love sleeping high up like that! Good luck in the new place hope you make nice doggie friends. Nice to come across you and look forward to reading about the adventures in your new home. Greetings from the South of France fellow Ridgeback x

    • Hello Zola!

      Despite the fact that Louis has his own sofa (which we cover with throws so that he doesn’t bugger up the leather with his paws) he always wants to be on the sofa that his bipeds are on. Back in the old house we had two big sofas. Louis would happily snooze the evening away on one sofa but the moment I went to bed you would hear the “schlump” as he slid off that sofa and padded over to what he must have considered as the master sofa. Maybe it was because the tv remotes were kept there.

      Zola’s website is lovely and the “Wing Nut” nickname is inspired! Louis has wing nuts too (his other nuts were removed by Royal (read Susan) decree).

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Give Zola a scruff of the ears from us.


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