Sleeping Beauty

There’s definitely one huge drawback to owning a bungalow that didn’t cross our minds when we moved. Louis now has an “Access All Areas” mindset such that he keeps pushing his way into our bedroom around 3 in the morning. Sue thinks he needs to water the lawn so gets up to let him out … Read more

Ready Shedy Go

We used to have three sheds at the old house so it was hard work trying to ram three sheds worth of stuff into a small 4′ x 4′ shed at the new place. Add to that the fact that the shed had a big hole in the roof and the pressure was on to … Read more

Ridgeback Sentinel

We’ve changed all the locks, secured all the windows and generally battened down the hatches since we moved in and all is secure but you can’t beat a 4-pawed 24-7 patrolling security system such as a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Louis is constantly on guard….. To be honest I’m being unfair. Louis is the best perimeter control … Read more