Transit Lounge

The first part of the move was completed last Friday when we handed over the keys to our house. We’d lived there for almost 23 years so wandering through the empty rooms in those final moments brought back lots of memories. We were sad to leave but we’re also looking forward to the “new” house. … Read more

Sofa Saga

We’re busy getting ready for moving out; our fingers are still crossed. Consequently we’ve been carting stuff to store at my folk’s place plus Sue’s ma’s house. When Sue takes stuff round to her mum’s house she stops there for a few hours for a chat and a cuppa, leaving me and Louis in harmony … Read more

Lazy Louis Days

We’re experiencing a bit of an English heatwave at the moment with temperatures hitting the mid twenties. Louis has his African heritage to fall back on when it gets too hot. I’ve decoded his instinctual behaviour and determined that, when it gets too hot, Louis responds with an in-built energy saving defense mechanism. As you … Read more