Sofa Saga

We’re busy getting ready for moving out; our fingers are still crossed. Consequently we’ve been carting stuff to store at my folk’s place plus Sue’s ma’s house.

When Sue takes stuff round to her mum’s house she stops there for a few hours for a chat and a cuppa, leaving me and Louis in harmony with a sofa each to lounge on.

When Sue gets back chaos ensues as Louis has to relinquish his sofa, much to his disgust. We then have to put up with Louis’ established guerrilla tactics to get his sofa back. This follows pretty much the same path each time:-

  1. Stand in front of me staring directly at me, no tail wagging. This means “Go to bed.”
  2. Race to the patio barking to let us know there is a lion in the back garden. This gets one of us off a sofa to let him out. He then has a quick scoot around the garden and races back in to reclaim his sofa – this doesn’t work as he gets moved off.
  3. Sit in front of the patio for 5 minutes and starts whimpering to let us know he really needs to pee (he doesn’t). Again one of us gets up, Louis races out, cocks his leg (usually on Sue’s tomato plant as revenge) and then races in and onto his sofa.
  4. Repeat combinations of 2 & 3 until either Sue gives up and we end up squashed on one sofa whilst he stretches out on the other or I go to bed and he claims the silverback’s sofa.

We will be sad to leave this place; Louis will be sadder, I’m sure. We haven’t told him the sofas are going to sofa heaven. Here’s Louis on his second most favourite sofa:-

Louis The Ridgeback Glued To A Sofa
Louis The Ridgeback Glued To A Sofa

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