Farewell Louis

  Well here’s the post I never wanted to write.   We had to say goodbye to our beloved boy on Christmas Day, just two days off his twelfth birthday.   To say we’re heartbroken is an understatement so I won’t say any more other than to thank Louis for being, as we always told … Read more

Design Flaw

Whoops. During the work on the house the original bath has survived all the upheaval and I’ve used it daily whilst Sue has sneaked off to her mum’s for a shower. However the time has come to get started on fitting the new bathroom; the builders finished on Tuesday (thank you Stuart and Nathan) and … Read more

Savour The Flavour

Louis got his snout into an empty crisp packet the other day and his reaction was another endorsement of the superiority of Walkers Cheese & Onion flavour, (I know dogs aren’t supposed to eat onions). He went mental trying to get all the flavour out of the bag and it was interesting to watch his … Read more

Bisto Kid

Louis has supreme smelling powers when it comes down to knowing when to make an appearance in the kitchen, especially the Sunday roast. You can open the oven door many times during the cooking process but he won’t leave the sofa until he knows it’s ready – why waste valuable mooching time? Here’s a good … Read more