Hello there! This is the website of Louis, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that lives in Bramhall, England, with Sue and Andy.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis mooching
Louis’ posh dog name is Monduri Un Beau Lion JW but he has many other names depending on what mischief he is up to.

We got Louis early January 2006 and, as you would expect, things in the house haven’t been the same since.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis on the beach
We had wanted a RR for many years but had held off until circumstances were right. This involved getting rid of carpets downstairs and laying laminate flooring! Watching Louis run in from the garden with no real brakes makes all that DIY seem worthwhile!

This is our second website and our first on WordPress so please bear with us whilst we continue our adventures into the vagaries of trying to get text to stay where we want it.

What’s on the menu…

If you are interested in Rhodesian Ridgebacks then there are lots of photos and bits and pieces of information that you might find useful. Of course most of the site is about our hound Louis but we thought that those of you have arrived here by accident may enjoy roaming around.
Louis sofa loafing
Louis has his own blog which we started on our original website. It was and is our equivalent of a diary. Feel free to comment on any of the posts – it will certainly make our experience of blogging worthwhile knowing that there’s more than just two of us reading the bloody thing!

We’re no experts in Rhodesian Ridgebacks but have done a lot of studying and listening and we think we provide a good home and an interesting life for our furry family member. If you have any Rhodesian Ridgeback info that you think is worth sharing then drop us a line via the contact form or add a comment. If it’s useful we can put it on its own page, with credits of course!