Transit Lounge

The first part of the move was completed last Friday when we handed over the keys to our house. We’d lived there for almost 23 years so wandering through the empty rooms in those final moments brought back lots of memories. We were sad to leave but we’re also looking forward to the “new” house. We were out looking for garden gates today (for garden gate read Louis imprisonment barriers – they will be to keep him in the back garden.) but on the way “home” autopilot kicked in and I was heading back to the old place before Sue nudged me in the ribs and pointed out the literal error in my ways.

Hopefully this next part will go to plan and we should get the keys in a few days. In the meantime we are in transit staying with Sue’s mum. I’m being spoilt rotten and Louis has his own sofa so all is good. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for stage 2 going to plan and then we’ll be busy with the move for a while although I’m sure there will be plenty to blog about as Louis explores his new domain.

Sadly Louis’s old sofas went to sofa heaven by way of an attack with a saw and a lump hammer. We’ve kept a few of the larger cushions so he has some memories of the old house too.

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