Lazy Louis Days

We’re experiencing a bit of an English heatwave at the moment with temperatures hitting the mid twenties. Louis has his African heritage to fall back on when it gets too hot.

I’ve decoded his instinctual behaviour and determined that, when it gets too hot, Louis responds with an in-built energy saving defense mechanism.

Louis Taking A Nap
I own this rug

As you can see Louis’ instinct is to go “horizontal”.

Ridgeback Louis Rug Guarding
Ridgeback Louis Rug Guarding

I don’t suppose we can complain about Louis’ inertia; after all we have been lion free in the back garden since he arrived.

1 thought on “Lazy Louis Days”

  1. oooh i know this horizontal position only too well, in fact my boy is in it right now lol but you are dead right it seems to work, i havent seen a lion here for at least 18 months either, they must astral travel 🙂


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