Turkey thief

The other day Sue’s mum put some doggie biscuits on their kitchen table and encouraged Louis to swipe them.

Well, he didn’t need to be told twice that swiping food off the table is okay. I’d just served up Sunday dinner and had to go in the garden to get Sue. When I came back Louis’ nose was in Sue’s plate on the cooker. He got told off but made sure he hoovered up some mangetout that he’d dropped on to the kitchen floor.

Up to this point I thought this was amusing; after all it was Sue’s plate and Sue’s ma’s training that were involved.

Then it struck me; the turkey I had set aside for my lunch tomorrow was missing. Gone. Forever.

I can only equate the sensation to that of when my first car, my Mini (KEO 483J) was stolen. Total bewilderment.

Louis is now sparko on the sofa; I’m not sure he’s aware of his crime. Little s#@t.

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