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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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30 May

Vale Smudge

We had to let our beloved ball of white fur, Smudge, go to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She was very poorly and wasn’t going to get better.

Smudge was just over seventeen, that’s 84 in human years. She was a present for me whilst I was commissioning a local flour mill. (In reality Sue wanted a cat and I came home one night to find a fluffy white ball of mischief in the kitchen).

Smudge gave us years of surprises; ranging from the time we found her upside down in the kitchen bin trying to get at some leftover chicken to waking up in bed in the dead of night with her stood on my chest and purring into my face.

Smudge - the best cat in the universe

Smudge - the best cat in the universe

The house is very quiet without her and we will always miss her. Louis has been looking for her all day; so have I…

25 May

ABH – Another Bank Holiday

At long last we have had some decent weather coupled with a long Bank Holiday weekend. We’ve spent some time in the garden clearing out the borders and making space for all the veggies and stuff that we are growing.

Louis has helped, as usual and made sure no pigeons land in the garden – he even saw off a police helicopter.

The valley is beautiful at this time of year, especially early on. Here’s a pic of boy wonder on sentry duty down there.

Louis checking out the surroundings.

Louis checking out the surroundings.

I really need to get my other camera out and see if I can get some decent shots of Louis on the move. I tried with our small camera today and got many pics of his tail as he shot past me. This camera has a shutter lag of about half an hour.

24 May

Pa’s Birthday

Ma and Pa organised a meal to celebrate Dad’s 76th birthday so we took over half of The Chuch Inn in Cheadle Hulme for a few hours.

There were four generations there; from Ma and Pa through to my sister’s daughter’s two kids, Paige and Riley. Here’s a pic of my niece Emma and Paige. I remember getting told off by the maternity matron at Stepping Hill for putting my coat on Carole’s bed just after Emma was born; how time flies.

Emma & Paige

Emma & Paige

It’s the best part of 25 years since Sue and I used to frequent The Church Inn when we were youngsters. Back then the haute cuisine consisted of cheese and ham toasties and crisps. Last night was smoked mackerel followed by a sweet chilli chicken dish and a cheesecake pud! I fancied a cheese and ham toastie to round the meal off.

17 May

Laminate floor & ridgebacks

Every now and then I look up the site statistics to see how many people have visited this tiny corner of the t’internet and what they have looked at etc.

These are the top search strings that brought visitors to the site. Many of them are fairly obvious; after all Louis is a Ridgeback and we have blogged about Cesar Milan, Sarula is in Louis’ pedigree and Janet Parker gave Louis a ticket etc.

The one that is the most perplexing is the Rhodesian Ridgeback and laminate flooring search – the t’internet is a wonderful thing.

1 14.29% 8 week old rhodesian ridgeback
2 14.29% cesar milan rhodesian ridgeback april 2009
3 14.29% janet parker rejan rhodesian ridgebacks
4 14.29% louis rhodesian ridgeback
5 14.29% louis the ridgeback dog
6 14.29% mushana ranzi of sarula (f)
7 14.29% rhodesian ridgeback and laminate floor

I hope whomever was researching Ridgebacks and laminate flooring found what they were after.