Too Hot To Play

We’ve been busy this week emptying the garage and clearing the sheds in anticipation of the move; fingers crossed still.

It’s been good weather and Louis has been bewildered with all the goings on with things spread all the lawn and Sue and I disappearing to deposit stuff at my ma & pa’s. As it’s been hot he’s been lazily observing all the frantic activity from this vantage point:-

Lazy Ridgeback Louis
Lazy Ridgeback Louis

Louis is nearly 6 now and has a pronounced “snout in the sugar bowl” look going on; he’s definitely mellowing a bit as far as his own personal space goes. When he was younger you couldn’t lie down next to him – he’d be up and off. Just after I took this photo I decided to take a break from the garage clearing and lay down next to Louis for a short dog-nap.

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