Table Manners

We’ve all been pretty busy these last few weeks as we are in the process of selling the house. Fingers crossed as we have a buyer and we’ve found the house we’ve been looking for. Our offer has been accepted so it’s a case of keeping two sets of fingers crossed; one for the sale and one for the purchase.

When things are a little more certain I’ll reminisce about our time here; almost 23 years.

Anyway – we’ve been tidying up and Louis has been watching the goings on with bewilderment. Some things are written on stone though and Louis can rely on me doing the Sunday roast. Today was another bbq roast.

Here’s Louis misbehaving at the table – he only does this with Sue as she lets him get away with it – to be honest she encourages it.

Louis table surfing
Louis trying to muscle in on the Sunday roast

Part of the tidying up involves invading Pete & Josie’s place next door and setting up a temporary pond for the fish. I’ve been treated to their view of Louis a few times as he’s been watching me at work. I’ll take the camera round one day and catch the view from their side but here’s Lou keeping an eye on what’s going on over the fence.

Lookout Louis
Lookout Louis

Keep your fingers crossed for our move…

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