Ridgeback Retriever

A few weeks back Lily from the US asked about Louis and his retrieval skills. It seems most Ridgebacks don’t do so well at the retrieval game as they see no benefit in bringing back something you keep chucking away. Louis is clearly not your average Ridgeback so we decided to take a video of … Read more

Sandwich Sleuth

We live opposite Bramhall High School and Louis sees it as a personal mission to make sure all those sandwiches lovingly prepared by the kids’ parents that get stuffed in the local hedgerows are recovered and appropriately disposed of. Walking with Louis quite often involves a sedate (he’s getting on a bit now and has … Read more

Twice Round The Block

I’m back home after a week in Egypt working on a handover of one of our flour mills. I was back at the place I started my overseas career in 1984; a city called Damanhour which is around an hour’s drive from Alexandria. A plant handover in places like Egypt consists of running the mill … Read more