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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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26 Jun

Dishwasher Doggie

Louis loves Sunday. He gets a nice, leisurely, stroll down the valley first thing followed by a catch up nap.

His favourite bit, however, is the aftermath of my Sunday bbq roast.

I enjoy doing a full roast dinner on the bbq. When Sue and I were in Kenya a long, long time ago (1987) we used to really enjoy our Sunday roasts at the Njoro bowling club. A proper roast dinner cooked on a wood stove was one of the highlights of working out there. (There were many, many others – one day I’ll scan in the pics from our year out there).

Today I did “Henry VIII’s breakfast” for our dinner – a three bird roast – duck, chicken & turkey. Louis has been involved in all stages of the cooking of this feast.

As he’s been a good lad he got to clean out the aluminium tray that the roast was cooked in (non dog owners will be horrified at learning this).

After a good 15 minutes concentrated cleaning the tray was so clean that we could have re-used it again; relax, we won’t.

19 Jun

Ridgeback Retriever

A few weeks back Lily from the US asked about Louis and his retrieval skills. It seems most Ridgebacks don’t do so well at the retrieval game as they see no benefit in bringing back something you keep chucking away.

Louis is clearly not your average Ridgeback so we decided to take a video of him demonstrating his retrieving.

After a hard morning’s play at retreiving then Louis has to have a lie down – here he is…..

Ridgeback Basket Case
Ridgeback Basket Case
11 Jun

Sandwich Sleuth

We live opposite Bramhall High School and Louis sees it as a personal mission to make sure all those sandwiches lovingly prepared by the kids’ parents that get stuffed in the local hedgerows are recovered and appropriately disposed of.

Walking with Louis quite often involves a sedate (he’s getting on a bit now and has a full sugar-bowl snout so he doesn’t race anywhere) stroll around the estate. All of a sudden, however, his head will be in a bush and he’ll reappear smacking his lips having scoffed something that he shouldn’t have.

He’s so fast you have no chance of stopping him.

He’s so fast there’s no chance of getting a photo of the event so here’s one of Louis making sure he doesn’t lose sight of me after my recent return from Egypt.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback And His Rug

One Rhodesian Ridgeback And His Rug

This is where he parked himself the first night I was back at home. Thing’s are back to normal now; he’s in his basket waiting for a sofa to become available.

09 Jun

Twice Round The Block

I’m back home after a week in Egypt working on a handover of one of our flour mills. I was back at the place I started my overseas career in 1984; a city called Damanhour which is around an hour’s drive from Alexandria.

A plant handover in places like Egypt consists of running the mill for 24 hours to demonstrate it performs as sold. It doesn’t sound a long time but it is as you have to be on the go all the time.

This is the third time we’ve done a handover at this mill. In 1984 it was a 200 tonnes per day mill. In 2000 we uprated the mill to 350 tonnes and this year we’ve just uprated it to 600; all in the same building.

Staying awake in the hours before dawn are difficult so, for something to do, I went and took this (not so good) photo of the mill from the outside. I’m sure I’ve got a much better one from ’84 with a great Pentax camera I had back then.

Damanhour Mill At Night

Damanhour Mill At Night

I can tell you that, as the sun came up on a Damanhour mill test for the third time in my career, I began to wonder if I’ve gone wrong somewhere.

I’m back home now after a stopover in Amsterdam due to a late departure from Cairo. Louis barked at me as I put my key in the door. Who could blame him; after all I was disturbing both him & Sue during one of their prime snooze time sessions (7am ~ 10am and 3pm ~ 5pm). Once he knew it was me I got a good greeting and he was whimpering with delight (or more likely mourning the loss of a sofa).

On the way from/to the airport we passed by Tahrir Square; here’s a piccie of the police building by the museum. Looks a bit of a burnt out mess.

Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square

The building to the right was the Nile Hilton. I spent many a Friday afternoon in the dark, leather sofa Safari Bar enjoying a Stella beer, or two, or three.