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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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30 May

Lyme Park Louis

It was a Bank Holiday in the UK today; it peed down for most of the day. There was a brief lull in the rain mid-morning and we took advantage of the dry spell and went to Lyme Park.

As soon as we got there the heavens opened with that “fine rain” that the north of England is famous for. Louis absolutely loved it as there were so many things to smell.

Here’s Sue and Louis posing in front of the hunting lodge in the park:-

Hunting Lodge Louis

Hunting Lodge Louis

Hopefully the weather will get better soon and then we can unleash the camping gear!

29 May

Louis In Action

Louis loves to play tug toy games but the older he gets the lazier he is when it comes to playtime.

Apologies for the noisy film running in the background; Suzy loves her horror movies. I don’t; hence why Louis and I were playing lazily.

Louis is getting a little slower generally speaking. Playtime on the field during the weekend used to consist of a long session of throwing and retrieval of his tug toy but this now lasts about ten minutes. He’ll go get his toy but tends to be half-hearted when it comes to bringing it back. Yesterday we tried our old back garden tactic for recall when he was a puppy. That’s Sue and I at opposite ends calling Louis using the power of sausages. We managed to get him to do a few lengths of a football pitch which tired him out.

He did make me laugh today though. At the end of the walk he gets all the pieces of sausage that are left over after the walk. He has to work for them with stands, lie downs, sits and, the difficult one – wait. This is where you hold a piece of sausage and tell him to wait. If you move the sausage closer to him he moves away until he’s given the okay command when that sausage disappears in microseconds. Today though Suzy held a morsel out for him and told him to wait. Louis, however, must have felt he deserved it without waiting so used his snout to tip Sue’s outstretched hand. Rule one in Louis’ book is, “If it’s on the floor or ground then it’s mine” as that piece of sausage was quickly hoovered up.

24 May

Mutual Appreciation Society

The days are getting much longer as summer approaches so Louis gets to enjoy a good stretch of the legs on Saturday and Sunday when I’m off work. I can’t remember if I’ve blogged before about Louis’s change in sleeping patterns but he now no longer insists on a walk first thing every morning and behaves like other dog owners tell me their furry friends do.

By this I mean making sure he’s facing into whichever sofa he has camped out on overnight. In Louis’ mind if he can’t see you then you can’t see him so he does this to make sure he gets extra sofa time. I’m sure this is the result of some reward structure that Suzy has set up that allows her to get a lie in every weekday. She claims she gets up a few minutes after I leave but this is most certainly a pack of lies.

This training also involves calendar recognition as Louis knows when it’s the weekend as, surprise, surprise, he wants to go out first thing on Saturday and Sunday so I don’t ever get to have a lie in! It’s more than a conspiracy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis with Suzy

Louis' Favourite Lollipop

Anyway, this last Saturday Louis had a good run around followed by a some retrieving up on the fields. Here’s Louis and Suzy congratulating each other on making sure they get five days lie in out of seven and I get none.

20 May

Tempus Fugit

Whilst observing Suzy & Louis working hard at their Olympic specialty of Sofa Snoozing I took a photo of Louis in his doggie bed. Here he is:-

Louis needs a bigger bed

Louis needs a bigger bed

Trawling back through Louis’ photo albums I found this picture of Louis taken during his first weeks with us. We planned ahead doggie basket-wise – you’ll see we made a good decision here:-

One day this'll be all mine

One day this'll be all mine

Look at all those toys by Louis’ basket – some things don’t change.