Memory Lane

After a hard day’s work I arrived home today to find both sofas occupied with England’s finest proponents of the art of the afternoon nap. Sue had called me earlier to say that dinner tonight would be pasta & tuna so I checked out the kitchen to see that I had another job to do; … Read more

San Antonio

I’m back home after a trip to San Antonio sandwiched between a few days either side staying with my mate Pete in Houston. Sue & I had a few days in San Antonio about ten years ago whilst on holiday and enjoyed it. This time around there was a few more beers involved plus work. … Read more

Snakes and Alligators

I’m over in Houston at the moment; spending a few days holiday with Pete after a convention in San Antonio. Nobody seems to walk in Texas but we had to the other day to go collect Pete’s car after leaving it outside a bar after a few too many sherbets. It was my idea to … Read more

The Pain Of Blogging

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m away at the moment in the US. Just before I left I noticed a WordPress plugin I use to send me a backup of the blog was sending a zero byte size file. I contacted my host with the issue. Upon my arrival in Houston I checked my … Read more