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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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27 Apr

Gardening Leave

Louis helped us out a lot in the garden over Easter. We had good weather for a change and I took the opportunity to try and repair some of the substantial damage that Louis has done to the lawn over the last 6 years.

We have a vegetable patch where we don’t want grass to grow but Louis doesn’t decorate (read – kill off) that spot. Consequently a square metre or so of lush grass had grown and I transplanted this in patches onto the lawn to disguise some of the many brown patches that Louis has created.

As with any investigation that involves soil Louis has to get his snout right into the work area whilst you are busy; presumably to check for anything edible. This makes the job twice as long as you have to be ever-mindful of where that snout, and the rest of the attached snout support system, is.

Sunshine and grass usually results in Louis needing to load up his coat with as much muck as possible before transporting it back into the house for depositing. This involves a bit of time rolling around on his back whilst making strange noises.

Here’s Louis in action:-


Louis the Upside Down Ridgeback

We managed to get a few photos of Louis in and around the garden over the holidays and, at long last, created another small photo album which you can see here. I still have some videos to do from winter; who knows when I’ll get them done!

21 Apr


I thought I’d invented a new word today.


Sue and I were walking Louis and (secretly) enjoying the fact that a dog walking past a house with a dog in sniffing range always results in the house dog barking. We walked past a house with two dogs watching the world go by and Sue commented that these two were very well behaved for their male biped but naughty with their female biped.

I replied that I thought Louis was equally disposed to Sue or me as far as obedience goes (but he loves Sue more I’m sure) and I said that meant he was ambidogtrous.

Google burst my bubble though – I checked the word out and got just three hits but they reference whether a dog favours its left or right front paw; makes sense to me.

I then took this photo of hound-boy and decided I had another new verb. Paws; not to paw or to pause but a combination of the two.

Louis Pawsing

Louis Pawsing

17 Apr

Lazy Days & Lazy Ways

We’ve enjoyed a beautiful warm weekend; it’s been quite hot (for us in the UK) and Louis has helped us as we’ve been working in the back garden. All this effort wore the poor lad out and he had to take an emergency nap.

Captain Sparko & Suzy

Louis taking a 5 minute breather

If there was any doubt about who Louis is devoted to then you can see from this next photo that Suzy is the chosen one. Suzy went off to pick her ma up and bring her back for Sunday dinner with us and this is the position that Louis took up…

Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis On Sentry Duty

Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis On Sentry Duty

Last but not least we must ask Louis to take a bow. His escapades have convinced Ari the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s two-legged companions Elena and Eugene to start a blog. Take a look at Ari’s Website. The videos are really good; especially the snowy ones – I thought we had it bad each year with our odd days of snow but watching Ari and his four-paw drive system running around makes me think we’re positively tropical.

11 Apr

Sofa Specialist

As I blogged a week or so ago (Paws Across The Sea) we’ve had a few emails from the US commenting on the blog and how descriptions of Louis’ behaviour (and inertia) remind them of their Rhodesian Ridgeback’s behaviour.

Elena, a friend of Lily’s who has a 7 month old Ridgeback called Ari has sent over a few photos of her hound so here they are.

First of all here’s Ari on his throne; Ridgebacks definitely view chair and sofa ownership as a divine right.

Ari On His Sofa

Ari On His Sofa

Secondly here’s Ari adopting a fine photographic stance. It’s a great photo. (We get lots of great photo opportunities with Louis but he’s attuned to the sound of the camera shutter opening when we turn it on and that prompts a change in his pose; just to be awkward in my opinion.)

Ari In Regal Pose Mode

Ari In Regal Pose Mode

Lastly here’s a great shot of a younger Ari lying down on the sofa. The surprise for me is the intact toy in the background. If that was here the toy would have to be only minutes old as, within 10 minutes, Louis would have turned it inside out.

Ari On Monster Guard Duty

Ari On Monster Guard Duty

In Elena’s emails she also describes Ari’s eating habits and his “whilst the biped(s) are eating” habits and it made me smile. Elena doesn’t mention dribble – just this evening I almost did the splits in the kitchen having encountered one of Louis’ drool-deposits.

Thanks Elena and Ari!