Gardening Leave

Louis helped us out a lot in the garden over Easter. We had good weather for a change and I took the opportunity to try and repair some of the substantial damage that Louis has done to the lawn over the last 6 years. We have a vegetable patch where we don’t want grass to … Read more


I thought I’d invented a new word today. Ambidogtrous. Sue and I were walking Louis and (secretly) enjoying the fact that a dog walking past a house with a dog in sniffing range always results in the house dog barking. We walked past a house with two dogs watching the world go by and Sue … Read more

Lazy Days & Lazy Ways

We’ve enjoyed a beautiful warm weekend; it’s been quite hot (for us in the UK) and Louis has helped us as we’ve been working in the back garden. All this effort wore the poor lad out and he had to take an emergency nap. If there was any doubt about who Louis is devoted to … Read more

Sofa Specialist

As I blogged a week or so ago (Paws Across The Sea) we’ve had a few emails from the US commenting on the blog and how descriptions of Louis’ behaviour (and inertia) remind them of their Rhodesian Ridgeback’s behaviour. Elena, a friend of Lily’s who has a 7 month old Ridgeback called Ari has sent … Read more