Mutual Appreciation Society

The days are getting much longer as summer approaches so Louis gets to enjoy a good stretch of the legs on Saturday and Sunday when I’m off work. I can’t remember if I’ve blogged before about Louis’s change in sleeping patterns but he now no longer insists on a walk first thing every morning and behaves like other dog owners tell me their furry friends do.

By this I mean making sure he’s facing into whichever sofa he has camped out on overnight. In Louis’ mind if he can’t see you then you can’t see him so he does this to make sure he gets extra sofa time. I’m sure this is the result of some reward structure that Suzy has set up that allows her to get a lie in every weekday. She claims she gets up a few minutes after I leave but this is most certainly a pack of lies.

This training also involves calendar recognition as Louis knows when it’s the weekend as, surprise, surprise, he wants to go out first thing on Saturday and Sunday so I don’t ever get to have a lie in! It’s more than a conspiracy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Louis with Suzy
Louis' Favourite Lollipop

Anyway, this last Saturday Louis had a good run around followed by a some retrieving up on the fields. Here’s Louis and Suzy congratulating each other on making sure they get five days lie in out of seven and I get none.

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