Sandwich Sleuth

We live opposite Bramhall High School and Louis sees it as a personal mission to make sure all those sandwiches lovingly prepared by the kids’ parents that get stuffed in the local hedgerows are recovered and appropriately disposed of.

Walking with Louis quite often involves a sedate (he’s getting on a bit now and has a full sugar-bowl snout so he doesn’t race anywhere) stroll around the estate. All of a sudden, however, his head will be in a bush and he’ll reappear smacking his lips having scoffed something that he shouldn’t have.

He’s so fast you have no chance of stopping him.

He’s so fast there’s no chance of getting a photo of the event so here’s one of Louis making sure he doesn’t lose sight of me after my recent return from Egypt.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback And His Rug
One Rhodesian Ridgeback And His Rug

This is where he parked himself the first night I was back at home. Thing’s are back to normal now; he’s in his basket waiting for a sofa to become available.

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