Dishwasher Doggie

Louis loves Sunday. He gets a nice, leisurely, stroll down the valley first thing followed by a catch up nap.

His favourite bit, however, is the aftermath of my Sunday bbq roast.

I enjoy doing a full roast dinner on the bbq. When Sue and I were in Kenya a long, long time ago (1987) we used to really enjoy our Sunday roasts at the Njoro bowling club. A proper roast dinner cooked on a wood stove was one of the highlights of working out there. (There were many, many others – one day I’ll scan in the pics from our year out there).

Today I did “Henry VIII’s breakfast” for our dinner – a three bird roast – duck, chicken & turkey. Louis has been involved in all stages of the cooking of this feast.

As he’s been a good lad he got to clean out the aluminium tray that the roast was cooked in (non dog owners will be horrified at learning this).

After a good 15 minutes concentrated cleaning the tray was so clean that we could have re-used it again; relax, we won’t.

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