Fridge Magnet

I’ve always been in two minds as to whether Louis is a sight or scent hound; to be honest I think he’s a jack of all trades rather than a master of one when it comes to his instinctual behaviour.

One thing he can do though, is detect the fridge door opening irrespective of how deep a dog-nap he is in. If I try to sneak into the kitchen for a snack of some kind that doesn’t involve the doe-eyed “you never feed me” look he gives you, then I have a 30 second window in which to scoff something.

If I exceed this time limit then I get to hear the “schlump” as he slides off the sofa followed by the “tic tac” noise he makes as he pads across the laminate flooring to come and see what’s on offer.

I’ve been collecting fridge magnets for the last few years when on my travels; little did I know that we look after a 45 kg furry fridge magnet that displays animal magnetism whenever the fridge door opens.

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