Louis’s special friend

Pete and Josie were round the other night Louis-sitting whilst we were out. We were gone for a couple of hours and arrived back to find my lawn chewed up where Pete & Louis were playing tug of war.

It took Louis quite a while to recognise we were in the back garden – I’m sure he hadn’t realised we had gone as Pete had kept him so busy.

Anyway – after playtime for Louis was over he decided to turn his affections to Josie. He has a soft spot for her and is always giving her a doggie kiss over the fence. However this time Josie was on our side of the fence so he was able to get up close and personal.

ridgeback louis and Josie
Josie the lollipop

Louis was knackered after all the play and fussing he got. My lawn will never recover much to Pete’s delight.

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