The Kibble Tree

Louis loves his kibble (well, actually, Louis loves most foods) but he’s very fond of the kibble that makes up the bulk of his meals. We feed him Purina as well as some other meaty based pouches in the main.

He gets treated with kibble whilst we are on his walks and we find this better than other treats as it’s easier for us to make sure he’s not overfed – that’s a condition that Louis does not recognise. It’s funny listening to him crunching a solitary kibble treat as he trots by your side.

The other day I called in the shop for something and left Sue and Louis waiting on the grass outside by an oak tree. I returned to find Louis sniffing his way around the acorns on the tree; something I’ve never seen him do before despite the fact that we have a mighty oak in our back garden.

Then it struck me – the acorns were the same size and colour as kibble so perhaps Louis considered he’d found the mother lode and got himself a kibble tree.

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