Back garden wildlife…

Hot on the heels of the hedgehogs roaming around the back garden we’ve had visits from more unusual wildlife; unusual for us anyway.

The first was a peacock butterfly fluttering around the garage. Managed to get a couple of piccies off and then let it go before it got caught up in the myriad of spider’s webs that fill my garage. Here it is:-

Peacock Butterfly

A few days later we had a visit from a huge dragonfly. After looking on the web we think it’s a Southern Hawker. It was massive; we get quite a few damselflies because of the pond but never a dragonfly. I managed to get up quite close with the camera…

Southern Hawker Dragonfly
Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Josie next door wasn’t too happy when it was flying around. Luckily Louis didn’t see it as I’m sure he would have been jumping up and trying to catch it as he does with most flying things. To be honest Louis sees the airspace above our tiny plot as another zone to keep lions out of plus anything else – as posted previously – Close Encounter Of The Spiky Kind

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