Back garden wildlife…

Hot on the heels of the hedgehogs roaming around the back garden we’ve had visits from more unusual wildlife; unusual for us anyway. The first was a peacock butterfly fluttering around the garage. Managed to get a couple of piccies off and then let it go before it got caught up in the myriad of … Read more


When I was at school (a long, long time ago) certain things were drummed into our brains with such ferocity that I can still recite many useless facts; well, useless, in my day to day activities. One of these is Newton’s first law, “A body continues in a state of rest or continuous motion unless … Read more

It wasn’t me….

Here’s a bit of an update on Codee the Sofa Loafer. This is what happens if you dare take a day’s holiday to spend with your doggie and then have the audacity to leave her downstairs for three minutes whilst you go and get dressed. I hope Sharon has learned her lesson!

Mobile Vending Machines

Louis learns pretty quickly when food is involved. He also has his own calculations as to when he is due a treat. He considers that, when you’re out walking, he deserves a treat about every 50 paces. He lets you know this by touching the back of your hand with his wet snout. This means … Read more