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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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12 Aug

Roxy The Exocet

Louis had a visitor round the other day; a puppy called Roxy that owns Sue’s sister, Linda.

Louis is great with puppies, always has been. He allows them to play, sniff, pounce etc without any grumbling.

Here’s Roxy before play commmenced:-


The calm before the storm.

Here are the two of them in action:-

Bouncing Roxy

You’re surrounded! Surrender!

Well, to be honest, it was more a case of watching Roxy in action as Louis quickly tired of running around and adopted a “sit and wait” approach.

Eventually even Roxy tired of trying to get Louis to chase her:-

Bored Roxy

PLAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis really enjoyed playing and slept like a dog-log that evening.

04 Jul

Codee The Kangaroo Hound

Here’s a nice clip of Sharon’s Codee having a good run around in the long grass. Codee certainly likes to stretch her legs in their local park. Louis only really stretches his legs when he’s engaged in making sure squirrels do not occupy any ground space; they belong up trees and it’s his job to make sure that they stay there.

I wonder how Louis would behave if Codee appeared/disappeared/appeared, etc, on the horizon playing “now you see me, now you don’t”.

13 May


A few months back Tim from the south of England dropped us a line about his dog Kizzy after finding our site whilst looking for Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy weight/age information.

Tim has just sent in this lovely picture of 7 month old Kizzy whilst out walking in Marlow Park, by the Thames.


Kizzy - A Bridge Too Far

Tim’s email goes on to describe some of Kizzy’s behaviour. He’s borrowed a method from a Retriever owner (named Ben, that’s the Retriever, not the owner – it’s funny that we know most of the dog walkers that we meet by their dog’s name) whereby three pips on a whistle are used to recall Kizzy. This works most of the time apart when Kizzy sees another dog or something else worth stalking/chasing. This is exactly the same as Louis; trained to return when the situation warrants it (i.e. there’s a sausage reward) but he determines the “situation”. Louis returns immediately when you whistle him; however if you pop another dog, or a cat, or a biped, or a squirrel, or a few other distractions into the equation then it’s hopeless.

One more thing from Tim that reminds me of Louis is Kizzy’s reaction to storm rainwater in a river. Louis is fascinated, at distance, by the foam generated by heavy rainfall run-off into out local Labybrook. He jumps into the river to investigate the foam and tries to capture (by biting) any foam that passes by. Kizzy seems to have the same fascination.

Thanks, Tim, for the photo and the Kizzy anecdotes.

11 Mar

The Crufts Effect

I would imagine that we’re not the first to make this observation. We’ve seen this ever since we got Louis but have only just got round to blogging it.

Quite simply the number of dogs you see being walked must double during the Crufts dog show. We take Louis down the valley every weekend come rain or shine and see just one other dog, Cassie, when we’re down there.

Yesterday, however, there were loads of other dogs down there so Louis had a good run around meeting some new four-legged things to sniff. When Louis sees a stranger, be it a dog or a biped, his reaction is to go into stalking mode. He goes down flat to the ground and shuffles forward until he gets to the point where he jumps up and races towards the “intruder”. This can be quite intimidating for bipeds but other dogs know what to do.

At one point we met a lady with three dogs. Two of them ignored Louis and the feeling was mutual. The third, however, wanted to meet his challenge so he ran at Louis before he could. It was a small dog and he ran at Louis likes a bullet. As he came level with us Louis rose up from his stalking position and went to say “hello”. The other dog veered out of the way at high speed only to shoot off the side of the path and into fresh air followed by a 12ft drop onto a muddy river bank. It was comedic to watch but we worried that the dog was okay. A few seconds later he appeared back on the path; just a little muddier.

Crufts finishes today so within a week we’ll have the valley back to ourselves. Louis will return to making sure the valley is cat free and all the squirrels are in the trees where they belong.