Doctor Louis

Sometimes play with Louis gets a bit boisterous. That’s the way we like to play. As a consequence I suffer a few scrapes due to Louis’ paws. There’s never any malicious intent; he’s always after the toy. Interestingly it’s always Louis that stops the play as he senses if he’s scratched me. He then does … Read more

Prisoner Codee

We used to use a baby gate to keep Louis from climbing up the stairs – we felt that would be too risky for an “act now, think never” kind of dog that Louis is when combined with a staircase with no carpet. After a while he became conditioned to the idea of not going … Read more

Lazy Louis

We’re having trouble getting Louis off his houndy butt in the morning for his first walk of the day. Also on a number of occasions Sue’s got him down to the valley and let him off his lead and he’s headed back home. We’ve a number of theories all of which end up as my … Read more

Home and away

I walk, feed and do most things with the boy but when Andy disappears it’s like our whole world falls apart. No unnecessary tidying, no remote control hogging, no preparing food or cups of tea. We feel a little redundant. Andy plays with Lou more than I do so I have tried but he gets … Read more