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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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23 Aug


When I was at school (a long, long time ago) certain things were drummed into our brains with such ferocity that I can still recite many useless facts; well, useless, in my day to day activities.

One of these is Newton’s first law, “A body continues in a state of rest or continuous motion unless acted upon by another force” or something like that.

Sometimes Louis doesn’t want to go on his morning walk and this is what you end up with…

inert Louis

I'm not going anywhere no matter what you think.

As you can see Louis obeys Newton’s First Law with no shame.

23 Aug

It wasn’t me….

Here’s a bit of an update on Codee the Sofa Loafer. This is what happens if you dare take a day’s holiday to spend with your doggie and then have the audacity to leave her downstairs for three minutes whilst you go and get dressed.

Wasn't me.

Wasn't me, I didn't do it. Prove it.

I hope Sharon has learned her lesson!