Louis’ Routine

I’m in charge for the next few days as Sue is in Barcelona on my niece’s hen party (more like a hen holiday as it’s three days long). Louis is certainly missing his ma but I think he suspects that she is hiding in his goodie cupboard as he spends a lot of time sat … Read more

Wonder Boy

Louis’ walks are full of wonder; his recall and attention span are beyond belief. Today Louis’ sense of fair play kicked in. Andy has been trying to hide from him for a few walks but Louis stays so close these days he didn’t manage it till this morning. Andy snook off behind a tree; Louis … Read more

Crying wolf

As we’ve mentioned recently Louis’ off-lead behaviour has improved dramatically. He recalls instantly if I whistle him (there’s still the inducement of a bit of sausage but I’m happy with the deal we’ve struck). Prior to this we used to put him back on his lead in the valley before we walked back home. Recently … Read more