Wonder Boy

Louis’ walks are full of wonder; his recall and attention span are beyond belief. Today Louis’ sense of fair play kicked in. Andy has been trying to hide from him for a few walks but Louis stays so close these days he didn’t manage it till this morning.

Andy snook off behind a tree; Louis noticed and went hunting immediately, when he returned him to the fold he jumped on him as if to say don’t do that again if you know wha’ts good for you. Louis’ hunting instincts have moved up several notches and he’s interested in anything that moves including birds.

We have been watching Crufts and I have to say the judging has been brilliant – I’ve chosen all the same dogs as the judges. Frank Cane gave Louis his first ticket so it’s great to see so much of him on tv. The Ridgeback that got 4th place is a beautiful dog; I didn’t recognise the handler but both looked fantastic. I missed the excitement of being there this year meeting like minded doggie people (not the waiting round though) – can anyone let me know how Louis’ half brothers and sisters got on.

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