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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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21 Feb

A new focus

Louis is back on form; full of pester pills and boundless energy. He has his final check at the vets tomorrow but we’re pretty sure that all is okay, touch wood.

One thing that has changed since his op is his focus on food. He has always been a food orientated hound but he’s gone up a gear now. All his past lady-chasing energy is now channelled into pestering for food.

On the plus side (although Louis might disagree as he’s the affected party) his behaviour is getting better. This morning down in the valley his recall was really good; all it took was a whistle – oh, that and the sausages I was carrying. Walking with him is also better – he’s not constantly doubling back on himself to catch you unawares and drag you off your feet whilst he checks every bloody lamppost on the estate.

One thing we do have to worry about is his reaction to his anti-fiddling collar for post operation recuperation. We have ended up with three of these Elizabethan Collars.

Louis' Elizabethan Headgear

Louis' Elizabethan Headgear

The moment one of these was placed on him he just froze. You’ve never seen a more sorrowful looking hound. I was steadfast in trying to keep the collar on him but Suzy gave up first.

16 Feb

Cross Legs

I’ve been walking around cross-legged as some form of silent protest on behalf of Louis.

He’s almost back to normal now; demanding attention and scrounging food.

I did feel sorry for him though. The operation was bad enough but the bucket (Elizabethan Collar to give it its correct name) was just too much. Even with the deluxe (deluxe = expensive) plush, comfy one he just sat there and wouldn’t move apart from a slight trembling. His pitiful-look genes kicked into full power mode and that was it. Off came the bucket. To be honest we did try it for quite a while but he just wouldn’t move.

I have been lucky and allowed to get to bed (someone has to go out and earn Schmakos for Louis to eat). The Saturday morning after his Friday op I came downstairs at around 5am and Louis just whimpered.

Anyway – we’ll see how his behaviour changes and trust that he’s a happier dog for it (although as a male I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive myself!).

13 Feb

On the mend.

We made a big decision to neuter Louis this week. He had the procedure on Friday at our wonderful vets. Day one was heart breaking, Louis with a bucket on his head is a pitiful sight. By 11pm that was off so he could sleep, I stayed up and watched him all night to ensure he didn’t lick. Day two is much better, no whimpering and he is having regular little meals and enjoying a drink. He cocked his leg this evening which had us getting quite giddy. Monday we go for his follow up visit and we will resume little walks.
We got a new head bucket for him which looks comfortable; he will wear it tonight so I may sleep wthout worrying, he still gets the big sofa whilst I crunch up on the little one. Andy has been great, my little leveller, it’s such a good job one of us is normal. Andy did the shopping, family visiting and day to day running of the house whilst I looked after Louis. We know he’s getting back to normal, he’s wanting my tea and dropping his toy at my feet. We will keep you informed as to what changes occur over the next few months. Diet, exercise and general attitude are some things we can monitor. I do hope by having this procedure his health will be secure, no cancer or any other related illnesses in the region.

08 Feb

One track mind…

There’s another lady-hound in season on the estate and Louis is regretting the fact that his dew claw is not an opposable thumb. As such he can’t get the key in the front door and let himself out so that he can look after this lady-hound.

It’s resulted in a few sleepless nights for me as he’s been pining at the bottom of the stairs. He’s also been a sniffy nightmare when out on his walks plus he’s not the most friendliest when it comes to other dogs.

He’s booked into the vets this Friday so watch this space…