A new focus

Louis is back on form; full of pester pills and boundless energy. He has his final check at the vets tomorrow but we’re pretty sure that all is okay, touch wood. One thing that has changed since his op is his focus on food. He has always been a food orientated hound but he’s gone … Read more

Cross Legs

I’ve been walking around cross-legged as some form of silent protest on behalf of Louis. He’s almost back to normal now; demanding attention and scrounging food. I did feel sorry for him though. The operation was bad enough but the bucket (Elizabethan Collar to give it its correct name) was just too much. Even with … Read more

On the mend.

We made a big decision to neuter Louis this week. He had the procedure on Friday at our wonderful vets. Day one was heart breaking, Louis with a bucket on his head is a pitiful sight. By 11pm that was off so he could sleep, I stayed up and watched him all night to ensure … Read more