Louis’ theory of relativity

Louis is definitely more food-focussed now that he’s been “seen to”. He’s always been a hungry hound but if there was a particularly nice lady-hound scent in the air then he’d forego snacks for the chance to follow that trail. Now he’s constantly looking to see if your hand goes in your pocket which signifies food. He can actually hear it when you snap a gravy bone in half when you do so secretively – or so you think.

That brings me to Louis’s theory, actually it’s mine. We make Louis sit on one of his beds if we are eating in the kitchen. The position of this bed relative to the table is not fixed; it depends where we put it. Here’s the theory; the rate of dribble from Louis’ gob is directly proportional to the distance that Louis’ nose is from the table.

Whilst we eat we throw him bits of a Schmako treat that we break into about 10 pieces. I always save one for him for after the table is cleared. Recently I’ve taken the plates to the sink and turned back round to find Louis on his bed but some tell tale bubbles of dribble on the table by the remaining piece of Schmako. He doesn’t steal it; I’m sure he’s checking there’s a bit left so he can make the decision to either hang around or bark and pretend that he’s seen some nasty threat off, thereby deserving a treat.

Anyway – here’s Louis on his sofa after Saturday’s morning walk in the rain…

Louis undercover.
Louis and one of his towels of many colours.

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