April showers…

We went on the first camping expedition for 2010 over the weekend; Longnor Woods just south of Buxton. Three nights from Friday. Great weather on the Friday and Saturday but we had mixed weather on the Sunday and got soaked on the way back from the village. The campsite was great; very quiet. The only … Read more

In The Doghouse

I’m in trouble, aided by my partner in crime – Louis. We’ve had good weather recently (notwithstanding the volcano ash which meant me cancelling a business trip to Las Vegas this week). As a result I’ve been barbecuing a lot. On Friday night I did chicken satay skewers and protected the bbq grill with aluminium … Read more

Spring has sprung!

We have had some lovely weather these last few days. We’ve spent all weekend out in the back garden and it’s been great. Louis has been involved in everything we have been up to; he doesn’t like to miss out on anything. Here’s a great pic of Sue and the hound in their mutual appreciation … Read more

Temporary Upheaval

We’re doing a shedload of decorating at the moment; slowly but surely working our way through the house. The dining room is now finished and we’re tackling the lounge and stairs. Rather than try and live in the same room we’re decorating we made the decision today to move into the dining room for the … Read more