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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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31 May

Egg On His Face

Louis is always hungry these days. When he was younger we used to have trouble getting him to eat his meals if we fed him two or more times a day so we went to one meal a day at lunchtime.

We were reminiscing about his eating habits the other day and we thought that, with his recent “change in status” he might be better off if we fed him twice. We recalled that he used to get scrambled egg most days so we put that on the menu.

That produced another memory jogger – the sight of Louis’ snout in a bowl of scrambled egg and the resultant image of Louis with egg on his nose.

True to form this is what happened:-

Louis with egg on his nose.

Eggy nosed Louis

That egg did not stay on the end of his nose for long.

24 May

Full Circle

Back to Egypt again last week; ending up in Damanhour where I first worked overseas 26 years ago. At long last they have paved the road to the mill so it’s not such a bone-jarring journey.

We stayed in Cairo and then Alexandria but our days were too long to get out and explore a few old haunts.

On the Friday we arrived I did get the chance to wander around the hotel gardens and here’s a good pic of a huge palm tree plus one that I’m not sure about.

Cairo 2010

Cairo 2010

We had an entertaining flight home thanks to the ash cloud but we were lucky to be able to get back the same day we left, unlike a large number of fellow passengers.

It was good to get home; it felt a lot longer than the four days we were gone for.

10 May

Codee the sofa loafer

This is Codee, my friend Sharon’s new pup.

Codee the pup

Meet Codee - already a sofa loafer

As you can see she’s already found that sofas are good things.

She’s a cross between a boy Bullmastiff and a girlie Rhodesian Ridgeback. She even has a ridge!

We’re very jealous – she would make a lovely playmate for Louis.

We hope she brings Sharon and her boyfriend Darren (Darren got her for Sharon – smart move!) loads of fun. A cross between those two breeds must result in an an extremely loyal doggie.

Puppies are great. Seeing the pics reminded me of what Louis was like when he was a young one. (Mind you I don’t miss the “surprises” that used to greet you when you came down the stairs in the morning until he was able to hold on!)

10 May

Wedded bliss

It was my niece’s wedding on Saturday. Rachel married John. They’ve been a couple for more years than I can remember (nine I think).

Anyway we were lucky to be invited so off we went to the Bridge Hotel in Prestbury. It was a great day, a nice service (short too!) followed by a good meal and four great speeches.

Here’s Rachel and John setting off on that magical journey!

Mr & Mrs Williams

Rachel and John looking relaxed after the service.

There were four generations of my family there and we all had a good time.

Sue’s mum was left in charge of Louis who behaved impeccably so we were told. I wish he behaved when I’m in charge.