World of sport

We normally play tug games with Louis at the end of his weekend walks but today we found an abandoned football (it wasn’t a 2010 Jabulani ball, it was an old Telstar design). Louis spotted it from a mile away and we then had a good kickabout with him chasing the ball back and forth. … Read more

UFO Louis, an Unmovable Furry Object

We bought Codee the Ridgeback/Bull Mastiff cross her first puppy collar and lead the other day. The problem was we were probably a few weeks late as the largest puppy collar wouldn’t fit! Of course, as Codee is a lady a pink collar and lead was in order – sorry Darren! A lucky escape then, … Read more

King Kong

The house is getting back to normal after decorating the lounge. As part of the tidying up process we found one of Louis’ Kong toys. We gave it a good scrubbing and then filled it with some of our Sunday roast. The boy has been busy trying to break into it for the last hour … Read more

Hazy Dog Days.

Louis pooped, not managed to move for the past hour. Lou has enjoyed a full day, walkies with both Andy and myself on the valley, we played till he dropped. Home for milk and a mooch whilst breakfast was prepared. Lou slept as we went on our weekend food providing and family visiting trip. I … Read more