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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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10 May

Wedded bliss

It was my niece’s wedding on Saturday. Rachel married John. They’ve been a couple for more years than I can remember (nine I think).

Anyway we were lucky to be invited so off we went to the Bridge Hotel in Prestbury. It was a great day, a nice service (short too!) followed by a good meal and four great speeches.

Here’s Rachel and John setting off on that magical journey!

Mr & Mrs Williams

Rachel and John looking relaxed after the service.

There were four generations of my family there and we all had a good time.

Sue’s mum was left in charge of Louis who behaved impeccably so we were told. I wish he behaved when I’m in charge.

03 May

The brains trust

We have had a busy weekend decorating. Well I have. Sue has been a little soldier and kept Louis occupied through leading by example = sleeping.

Louis is a bit of a daft hound at times but I understand that he operates a simple program in his head.

Sue, on the other hand, is the product of generations of evolution.

So….with all that knowledge perhaps someone can explain why one of the three of us (and it wasn’t me or the hound) thought it would be a good idea to put the wooden knife block in the dishwasher.

Warped Knife Block

Warped Knife Block

Well – you can see that it wasn’t a good idea and you’ll appreciate why Louis has pipped Sue to second place in the brains trust chart.

04 Dec

Christmas Pressies

Well Sue is on day two of her shopping expedition. I decided to do my shopping on line.

It took me about half an hour and both Sue and Louis were catered for. I’ll just have to make sure Sue (or Louis) doesn’t open any of my mail in the next week or so.

The main pressie I have got for Sue is an absolute corker, she will love it. She hasn’t a hope in hell of guessing it or working it out although I have given her a big clue.

Louis is fast asleep after 3 walks with his Pa. He is missing Sue though, I’m no substitute.

24 May

Pa’s Birthday

Ma and Pa organised a meal to celebrate Dad’s 76th birthday so we took over half of The Chuch Inn in Cheadle Hulme for a few hours.

There were four generations there; from Ma and Pa through to my sister’s daughter’s two kids, Paige and Riley. Here’s a pic of my niece Emma and Paige. I remember getting told off by the maternity matron at Stepping Hill for putting my coat on Carole’s bed just after Emma was born; how time flies.

Emma & Paige

Emma & Paige

It’s the best part of 25 years since Sue and I used to frequent The Church Inn when we were youngsters. Back then the haute cuisine consisted of cheese and ham toasties and crisps. Last night was smoked mackerel followed by a sweet chilli chicken dish and a cheesecake pud! I fancied a cheese and ham toastie to round the meal off.