Crying wolf

As we’ve mentioned recently Louis’ off-lead behaviour has improved dramatically. He recalls instantly if I whistle him (there’s still the inducement of a bit of sausage but I’m happy with the deal we’ve struck).

Prior to this we used to put him back on his lead in the valley before we walked back home. Recently I’ve been letting him have more of a run around and only putting him back on his lead at the last minute.

On Sunday he scarpered into the trees and bushes at the top of the walk just behind the local school and this was followed by some anxious sounding barking and whining. I tried my new super-recall powers but to no avail. The whining notched up a gear.

We thought he’d hurt himself or got stuck somewhere chasing a fox or something. Racing in and following the worsening sounds that he was making we feared the worst only to find him trying to climb a tree that had a cat perched in it. The cat was just ignoring him. That was fun.

The next day the same cat (who must have a death wish) ran out in front of him as Louis entered the valley. He was on his lead at the time but Sue’s left arm is now about 2 inches longer than her right.

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