A new focus

Louis is back on form; full of pester pills and boundless energy. He has his final check at the vets tomorrow but we’re pretty sure that all is okay, touch wood.

One thing that has changed since his op is his focus on food. He has always been a food orientated hound but he’s gone up a gear now. All his past lady-chasing energy is now channelled into pestering for food.

On the plus side (although Louis might disagree as he’s the affected party) his behaviour is getting better. This morning down in the valley his recall was really good; all it took was a whistle – oh, that and the sausages I was carrying. Walking with him is also better – he’s not constantly doubling back on himself to catch you unawares and drag you off your feet whilst he checks every bloody lamppost on the estate.

One thing we do have to worry about is his reaction to his anti-fiddling collar for post operation recuperation. We have ended up with three of these Elizabethan Collars.

Louis' Elizabethan Headgear
Louis' Elizabethan Headgear

The moment one of these was placed on him he just froze. You’ve never seen a more sorrowful looking hound. I was steadfast in trying to keep the collar on him but Suzy gave up first.

2 thoughts on “A new focus”

  1. I hate the cone too!

    A good alternative to the Elizabethan Collar is the Novaguard for dogs… 🙂

    It doesn’t restrict the dog so much. I hope Louis has a great 2012 and isn’tr pestering to much for food lol 🙂

    Try this site

  2. John, thanks for stopping by and leaving that info.

    That collar looks much better than the Elizabethan – particularly in relation to his ears and its size.

    We’ll give one a go if Louis needs one; touch wood he doesn’t.


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