Cross Legs

I’ve been walking around cross-legged as some form of silent protest on behalf of Louis.

He’s almost back to normal now; demanding attention and scrounging food.

I did feel sorry for him though. The operation was bad enough but the bucket (Elizabethan Collar to give it its correct name) was just too much. Even with the deluxe (deluxe = expensive) plush, comfy one he just sat there and wouldn’t move apart from a slight trembling. His pitiful-look genes kicked into full power mode and that was it. Off came the bucket. To be honest we did try it for quite a while but he just wouldn’t move.

I have been lucky and allowed to get to bed (someone has to go out and earn Schmakos for Louis to eat). The Saturday morning after his Friday op I came downstairs at around 5am and Louis just whimpered.

Anyway – we’ll see how his behaviour changes and trust that he’s a happier dog for it (although as a male I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive myself!).

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