Louis and Darwinism

Yesterday we discovered that Louis has some similarities with the higher primates and humans in that he has learnt how to use a tool. Unfortunately that “tool” is me. To occupy him for a bit of peace and quiet we gave him his Kong toy filled with treats. Louis’ methodology for getting the treats out … Read more

Badgers in the dark!

Out early with louis playing in the dark, we both love our first walk of the day. We do a loop round the field, walk by the river then double back where we catch up with Cassie the poodle. Louis waits by the bench to have his lead put on thank god. Today we trundled … Read more

Louis a big boy!

Louis had his annual jabs at the vets yesterday, I was so proud of my boy, he behaved impeccably when all around him lost the plot. A large terrier wanted to eat all dogs in view and an alsation muzzled to the hilt showed an eagerness to test him out. Lou lay on the flloor … Read more

News from Melbourne

Well the snow and ice have almost disappeared and we’re getting back to normal. It’s that time of year when Sid reminds us that the seasons are six months apart between us and Australia and he’s sent us some pictures of their recent holiday in Adelaide. (Actually I’m telling a lie, Sid got Sue to … Read more