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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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31 Aug

Wasps, skinheads of the insect world!

Louis got stung by a wasp a couple of days back. On his head.

He now has a big lump sticking out over his right eye.

Louis has decided to get revenge on the insect world by attacking the Daddy-Long-Legs that are prevalent at the moment and trying them out as some kind of bar snack.

Then he wants to lick your face. One of the joys of dog ownership.

He’s been quite the attentive dog since I got back from the States. He doesn’t like it if I disappear and Sue thinks that he’s more my hound than hers. To be honest I think he divides his attention pretty well 50-50; maybe he’s hedging his bets!

20 Aug

Houston, we have a problem

I’m over in Houston at the moment doing some processing trials. My journey over was filled with delightful experiences. The tickets we get are, shall I say, the most ecomonical so I ended up in economy class exactly level with the bulkhead row where families with young kids travel.

This is usually halfway between where the service carts start from and it means you are last to get served and you get the pasta option from the menu. I can live with this but I also was seated next to a father and son; mother and other son were in the row in front. I always get an aisle seat so I can move about and not disturb anyone. No such luck with this young lad. He must have got up more than thirty times in a ten hour flight. Add to that the scrapping with his brother and the antsinpantitis that he was clearly suffering from and you can imagine my frustration.

The good news is that they were American so the odds of them being on the flight back should be pretty well zero.

The visit here is more than making up for the journey over but my diet is out of the window.

Louis is apparently looking for me out of the front window.

16 Aug

The Kitchen Sink

It’s been non-stop in the kitchen for the last few days in an attempt to get the main bit done (the sink and all the plumbing).

It was tricky; no doubt easy for a kitchen fitter who does this everyday, but the job got done in the end.

Louis has been his usual self; coming into the kitchen when you are flat on your back trying to get to a water compression fitting and then sticking his muzzle right in your face. I feel sorry for him as he just wants to play and I have had little time for that due to the time pressure. I’m off to Houston tomorrow for a week so was on a deadline and that’s never a good thing.

Anyway here’s a pic of the sink and the new cupboards and worktop. I was in the midst of weight testing the worktop with four cans of Dab when I took the photo.

Testing the new worktop with Dab

Testing the new worktop with Dab

There’s still loads to do. Three base units in the other corner, two worktops and 6 cupboards plus countless fiddly bits when I work out what all the bits are for in the dozens of cardboard boxes that were delivered. After that there’s the tiling and finishing off. Shoud be done by Christmas!

06 Aug

No need to shower

I’m running late these days with my morning routine. I get Sue up and she wanders off with Louis for his morning watering of all the trees in the valley.

After I motivate Sue I shower and then sort out my brekkie and lunch; sometimes I’m good and lunch is prepared the night before, other times it’s a rushed affair.

At the moment I’m about 5 minutes off schedule with the result that, as I’m leaving, Sue is returning. I’m pleased (read “smug”) to say that Louis goes ballistic when he sees me. Mega tail wagging etc etc. The downside is that I get pounced on and covered in paw marks all over. I get a free face wash in return so I shouldn’t complain. Mind you, explaining muddy paw prints at work is not easy.