The Kitchen Sink

It’s been non-stop in the kitchen for the last few days in an attempt to get the main bit done (the sink and all the plumbing).

It was tricky; no doubt easy for a kitchen fitter who does this everyday, but the job got done in the end.

Louis has been his usual self; coming into the kitchen when you are flat on your back trying to get to a water compression fitting and then sticking his muzzle right in your face. I feel sorry for him as he just wants to play and I have had little time for that due to the time pressure. I’m off to Houston tomorrow for a week so was on a deadline and that’s never a good thing.

Anyway here’s a pic of the sink and the new cupboards and worktop. I was in the midst of weight testing the worktop with four cans of Dab when I took the photo.

Testing the new worktop with Dab
Testing the new worktop with Dab

There’s still loads to do. Three base units in the other corner, two worktops and 6 cupboards plus countless fiddly bits when I work out what all the bits are for in the dozens of cardboard boxes that were delivered. After that there’s the tiling and finishing off. Shoud be done by Christmas!

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