Kitchen decorators in action

I’ve been busy in the kitchen getting ready for the delivery in August. Whilst I’ve been locked away plastering, filling, sanding, wallpapering etc Sue has been keeping Louis occupied. I thought I’d post a pic of this joint activity in action. I’m not sure what part of Louis’s training this forms but if she’s teaching … Read more

Kitchen Update

Non-stop in the kitchen. It’s now ordered and (despite a last minute hiccup today with a layout change) should be with us 11th August. We chose Magnet in the end, very good sales guy plus over half price off sale! The old wallpaper was an absolute pain to get off but it’s all done now. … Read more

Tempus Fugit

Time is flying by. Louis has been stealing strawberries again. Actually the strawberries are late this year as I just checked last year’s post and when he stole them was at the end of June. Half the problem with the strawberries is that they are at Louis’ nose level so he gets to know when … Read more