Meat Feast

Well I’m in Brazil now; a place called Joinville to be precise. Sao Paolo airport was interesting, that’s all I’m prepared to say until I get on the plane home! The weather reminds me of home and the lad from work that collected me at Chiritaba airport said that Joinville is known as rainville locally … Read more

Chewy Louis

I’m back in Houston for a week and a half prior to a trip down to Brazil before going home. Under instructions I went shopping for stuff for Louis this weekend just gone. He’s a lucky lad and will get some treats when I get back. I’ve got him these:- Chewy Louie Biscuits You need … Read more

They think it’s all over. . . .it is now!

Well, the kitchen is finished at last. There’s a few bits and pieces left but the job, as far as I’m concerned, is done. It was a harder job than I anticipated but the end result is worth the effort. Here’s a few pictures of the finished kitchen:- I’d like to thank my two part-time … Read more

Louis the kitchen fitter

The work in the kitchen continues and we’re getting closer to the end of the project. Louis has been a constant “help” throughout the exercise. His forté is with the unpacking of all the elements of the kitchen (and there must have been a coupla hundred packages for even our small kitchen) so I took … Read more