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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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27 Dec


I can report walking has been a nightmare; the ice has been so bad I resorted to crawling on all fours to get home, luckily it was before all my neighbours got up.
Andy has been great, he cleared the pavements and a third of our road. I think he wants to work extra Christmas pounds off.
Andy has walked the dog for the last two days as I’m a tad scared and slip slide and scream far too much. I’ve managed a little better today walking on the road. I will be so happy to feel safe out there again. I will learn how to put photos on the blog today, possibly drive Andy mad in the process.

20 Aug

Houston, we have a problem

I’m over in Houston at the moment doing some processing trials. My journey over was filled with delightful experiences. The tickets we get are, shall I say, the most ecomonical so I ended up in economy class exactly level with the bulkhead row where families with young kids travel.

This is usually halfway between where the service carts start from and it means you are last to get served and you get the pasta option from the menu. I can live with this but I also was seated next to a father and son; mother and other son were in the row in front. I always get an aisle seat so I can move about and not disturb anyone. No such luck with this young lad. He must have got up more than thirty times in a ten hour flight. Add to that the scrapping with his brother and the antsinpantitis that he was clearly suffering from and you can imagine my frustration.

The good news is that they were American so the odds of them being on the flight back should be pretty well zero.

The visit here is more than making up for the journey over but my diet is out of the window.

Louis is apparently looking for me out of the front window.

15 Apr

No time to blog?

Andy – your dog and I are disappointed that you haven’t found time to put a few words together for us.

Louis found a new friend on his morning walk; a rather attractive young fox. I thought he would forget me in his haste to follow his pal. He is so fast, he whooshed down to the bottom of our river walk then suddenly turned round and came back for his sausage, I was so relieved.

Had to leave Louis to go to work today for a whole four hours; he’s sleepy and stretchy when I come home and still looks past me to see if I’ve found his dad. Three days to go then the pair will be reunited and Louis will be settled again.

02 Jan

New Year – New Site

I’ve been working on a new website for a while now; setting it up on my own pc at first and then dabbling with various systems to see which one suited me best.

I settled on WordPress after dabbling with ModX and Joomla amongst others. What I liked about WordPress is that the basic install produced clean code. I know next to nothing about coding but I like my site to validate if possible. All the others had their plusses over WordPress but none of them were “clean” from the start.

I then spent the next few months slowly copying posts etc over. From around October what I blogged on the web got re-blogged on my own pc.

My host package expires in a month so it was time to change. My host did not offer a database which precluded a CMS so they eliminated themselves from my custom. To be honest I wish I’d done a bit more research before going with them. Anyway, I’m now transferred over to my new host and the set up of my WordPress install has gone pretty smoothly.

The site is pretty similar to the old one in layout. More by accident than design. I worked my way through lots of WordPress themes and settled on this one.

Anyway – any comments always welcome!