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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

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27 Jun

Thieving b’stard

Louis was on parade at a dog show in Blackpool today. It was an outdoor show but the heavens opened just as Louis was due in the ring and by the time Sue found the correct tent for showing in inclement weather she had missed Louis’ class. Never mind.

I bought fillet steak for my tea tonight to do on the bbq. I made veggie kebabs and set them off prior to going out for Louis’ evening walk. Sue was on salmon so I put the steak and wrapped salmon to one side and off we went.

Well, you’ve guessed it, Louis snaffled my steak. Three lovely fillets that cost a small fortune. It’s my fault for leaving it out but I blame Sue and her ma for teaching him to table surf for biscuits.

Pete & Josie next door came to my rescue and gave me some steaks to cook for my tea. Thank you Pete and Josie.

They also had a bbq and Louis had the cheek to stare at them whilst they ate and he dribbled over the fence until they gave in and fed him some more steak.

24 Jun

African Lion Hound in action

At last we have some good weather so the bbq cover has been coming on and off whilst we enjoy the sunshine.

The bbq is up against a small garden stone wall which separates the patio from the lawn. Underneath the foliage of a shrub planted in this wall is a small hole in the lawn where I have long suspected mice of living. I’ve covered the hole and next day it’s uncovered.

Last time I bbq’d I left the cover on the lawn over this hole. We then spent a couple of pleasant hours enjoying a cold beer whilst the food cooked (I was doing the Sunday roast). When the time came to cover the bbq Louis was interested in the activity and mooched over to help. (His way of helping is to grab the other end and pull in the opposite direction – most of Louis’ offers of help take this form.)

I lifted the cover and out from underneath shot a tiny mouse; much to the delight of Louis whose hound instincts came immediately into play.

We were then treated to the display of this glorious African Lion Hound displaying his proud lineage as he chased the mouse around the lawn with his snout millimetres from the mouse’s tail. He could have squashed it with his paw but I’m not sure he knew what to do.

The chase ended with the mouse reaching sanctuary behind the pond fence. It was all over too fast for me to catch on camera.

19 Jun

There’s no failures…just dogs that aren’t ready

Louis took his Gold test last night and, unfortunately, didn’t pass. He did everything perfectly up to the walking to heel off lead and then he caught a scent of what we can only asume was the doggie scent equivalent of Elle MacPherson and off he went.

He’s been a bit hangdog all day as I think he must know he didn’t behave.

There’s another test lined up in a month or so; we’ll have to pray that doggie Elle doesn’t pee in the park next time.

I don’t mind the failure mode, after all I’m a boy too but I object to the fact that Sue cooked him one of my rib-eye steaks as the ultimate treat for use during his test! Rib-eye versus doggie-lady-pee = no contest.

14 Jun

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We’ve had some glorious weather these last couple of weeks; this weekend we’ve slotted in two barbecues. The only problem with hot weather is the fact that the Rhodesian Ridgeback that lives with us is a bit of a wuss when it comes to warmer weather.

If he was back in his “home” territory I’m sure he would do nothing but lie down all day. Here, if it’s a bit warmer than usual then he tries to play but soon gets tired. However, as the evening closes in and it gets a little bit cooler then the monster stirs and wants to play!

Louis is due to take his Gold Good Canine Certificate this coming Thursday so wish him (and us) good luck. He has an extra practice lesson lined up for tomorrow night. If there was an award for snoring and hogging the sofa then he would not need to practice.