Thieving b’stard

Louis was on parade at a dog show in Blackpool today. It was an outdoor show but the heavens opened just as Louis was due in the ring and by the time Sue found the correct tent for showing in inclement weather she had missed Louis’ class. Never mind.

I bought fillet steak for my tea tonight to do on the bbq. I made veggie kebabs and set them off prior to going out for Louis’ evening walk. Sue was on salmon so I put the steak and wrapped salmon to one side and off we went.

Well, you’ve guessed it, Louis snaffled my steak. Three lovely fillets that cost a small fortune. It’s my fault for leaving it out but I blame Sue and her ma for teaching him to table surf for biscuits.

Pete & Josie next door came to my rescue and gave me some steaks to cook for my tea. Thank you Pete and Josie.

They also had a bbq and Louis had the cheek to stare at them whilst they ate and he dribbled over the fence until they gave in and fed him some more steak.

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