African Lion Hound in action

At last we have some good weather so the bbq cover has been coming on and off whilst we enjoy the sunshine.

The bbq is up against a small garden stone wall which separates the patio from the lawn. Underneath the foliage of a shrub planted in this wall is a small hole in the lawn where I have long suspected mice of living. I’ve covered the hole and next day it’s uncovered.

Last time I bbq’d I left the cover on the lawn over this hole. We then spent a couple of pleasant hours enjoying a cold beer whilst the food cooked (I was doing the Sunday roast). When the time came to cover the bbq Louis was interested in the activity and mooched over to help. (His way of helping is to grab the other end and pull in the opposite direction – most of Louis’ offers of help take this form.)

I lifted the cover and out from underneath shot a tiny mouse; much to the delight of Louis whose hound instincts came immediately into play.

We were then treated to the display of this glorious African Lion Hound displaying his proud lineage as he chased the mouse around the lawn with his snout millimetres from the mouse’s tail. He could have squashed it with his paw but I’m not sure he knew what to do.

The chase ended with the mouse reaching sanctuary behind the pond fence. It was all over too fast for me to catch on camera.

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