Training and playing

We are having such a good time training for Louis’ Silver Good Canine Citizen Award. I can wholeheartedly recommend Knutsford training centre where we go. No choke chains, no shouting, no forcing; all the dogs have a wonderful time, it’s like one big play session. We put all the training into practice when we go … Read more

My feet are wet..

It rained and rained on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday. We took Louis for his usual stroll down the valley but well before we got there you could hear the river. We’ve seen the Ladybrook after storms before but nothing like this. I had taken the camera with me and took … Read more

Two weeks of bliss

😆 Louis and Andy have had a relaxing two weeks; no work for Andy and no shows for Louis. Camping, walking and generally enjoying each others company; it’s knocked ten years off Andy. I’m enjoying my new job in the local sweetie shop; 12 hours a week playing with customers. The down side is I … Read more

Louis’ girlfriends

Louis has several platonic girlfriends he plays with in the morning. Since his favourite girlfriend Tilly moved he’s become close to a very gorgeous gun dog called Lilly; she’s fast and rather smart. Another one of Louis ladies is Tinks; she’s full of mischief, she looks like a Parson’s Terrier. Then there’s Molly, a little … Read more