Louis’ Italian Cousin

Meet Luigi, a pizza addicted Rhodesian Ridgeback that bears a striking resemblance to Louis. Friday is normally home made pizza night which entails “Luigi” making regular appearances in the kitchen on the off chance that the cheese is about to come out. Once that happens he won’t move until he’s helped distribute it along with … Read more

Paws Across The Sea

My mate Pete over in Houston has taken in a (permanent) lodger – a Ridgeback called Rooney. Here’s a great piccie of Rooney trying to get in his food bowl:- We hope Rooney provides Pete & Sonja hours of fun. Just in case anyone wonders where the title comes from – Pete is Glaswegian by … Read more

Plausible Paws

We’ve been so. so busy over the last month or so; non-stop in fact. Anyway, things have settled down again and we have a chance to catch our breath. Our furry friend has been a trooper; taking advantages of walks when they are there and comforting us when we’ve been pre-occupied with things. Here’s a … Read more